Guided Trips

Our guided trips are much more than a guide putting you on fish, they provide a personalized learning opportunity designed specifically for your fishing expertise and goals.

We supply all the necessary gear for your trip, including waders, flies, rods & reels. We also provide food and drinks, so you can focus on fishing without worrying about packing lunch.

Our trout trips take you to some of the most beautiful and picturesque streams in the Carolinas. Anglers can take comfort in the sport and feel at ease, after all that is what fly fishing is all about.

Looking for something different? Our musky floats are an adrenaline-pumping adventure for anglers seeking a challenge. Musky, also known as the fish of 10,000 casts, are elusive and powerful predators that require skill and patience to catch. While musky fishing can be challenging, the reward of landing one of these magnificent fish is worth the effort.

During our musky floats you will spend the day casting large flies or lures in search of these trophy fish. 

Contact us today to book your guided trip and let the adventure begin!


Half day wading trip (4 hours) : 1 angler - $200 2 anglers - $275
Full day wading trip (6-7 hours) : 1 angler- $350 2 anglers - $425
Musky Float : 1 to 2 anglers - $550



 Looking for lodging. Book a room at The Henderson, a quaint bed and breakfast only 100 feet from Hendersonville Outfitters. 
Experience cozy accommodation and fantastic food while you are here for your fishing trip.